Morning Light Bathtub & Accessories for FaMESHed October

Its the first of the month and that means FaMESHed is back! We’re continuing our whitewashed wood theme with our new Morning Light Bathtub and accessories, which match our Morning Light Cupboard Beds (available at FAIR) and Baroque Benches (available at the Arcade Gacha).

Both the PG and Adult versions come in your choice of five different window/towel textures. Fully scripted, you can click the handles to fill the tub with water, plus steam and flowing water effect from the faucet, and then click again to drain (both with sound effects). Seats two in the tub basin, with 9 single & couples animations in the PG version, and an additional 8 erotic solo and duo animations in the Adult version. Click the window to turn the soft glow and lighting effect on and off. Plus, each version includes a set of accessories – our new Lit Topiary in Metal Bucket, White Wicker Bathroom Basket, a matching wall-mounted Towel Rack, and our French Country Clock in blue, pink, and green (which really tells time)! You can also pick up the Lit Topiary and the Wicker Bathroom Baskets individually. Swing by FaMESHed and try out our PG display demo today!

morning-light-bathtub-violet-PG-L600 morning-light-bathtub-white-peony-adult-L1200 morning-light-bathtub-white-peony-PG-L600 wicker-bathroom-basket-black-L95 wicker-bathroom-basket-brown-L95 wicker-bathroom-basket-white-L95 lit-topiary-metal-bucket-L125 morning-light-bathtub-blue-thistle-adult-L1200 morning-light-bathtub-blue-thistle-freesia-L1200 morning-light-bathtub-blue-thistle-PG-L600 morning-light-bathtub-freesia-PG-L600 morning-light-bathtub-rose-adult-L1200 morning-light-bathtub-rose-PG-L600 morning-light-bathtub-violet-adult-L1200

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