Morning Light Cupboard Beds in PG and Adult for FAIR Sept 2012!

FAIR, the newest shopping event from Chic Management, opens its inaugural session September 22 at 4PM and there are some amazing exclusives up for grabs! We’re offering our brand new Morning Light Cupboard Beds, inspired by the hour of 9AM (we sleep in, what can we say), available in PG and Adult versions, in your choice of five fabric and window texture pairings! Custom mesh, custom baked, only 7 prims, and fully loaded with tons of high quality animations – 21 sleeping and couples cuddle poses in the PG version, and we’ve added an additional 18 erotic adult single and duo animations for the Adult model! The built-in window glows softly with the first light of the morning – owner-only touch toggles the light and glow on and off.  Each version is available in five different fabric and window pairings to match any mood or decor!

Available exclusively at FAIR – stop in and check out the on-site demo before you buy!

morning-light-bed-Adult-freesia-L1200 morning-light-bed-PG-white-peony-L400 morning-light-bed-Adult-rose-L1200 morning-light-bed-Adult-violet-L1200 morning-light-bed-Adult-white-peony-L1200 morning-light-bed-PG-blue-thistle-L400 morning-light-bed-PG-freesia-L400 morning-light-bed-PG-rose-L400 morning-light-bed-PG-violet-L400 morning-light-bed-Adult-blue-thistle-L1200

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