Zuma Hills mesh prefab – new for Culture Shock!

Trompe Loeil is proud to release our latest all-baked, all-mesh prefab home designed to celebrate Culture Shock 2012 – the Zuma Hills!

The Zuma Hills is a carefully-baked mesh prefab designed to look fantastic regardless of environment or hardware settings. Day, night, with or without hardware lighting and shadows, this open-air home will look beautiful.

The Zuma Hills is presented on a 34 meter by 51 meter deep base for easy placement on any kind of terrain. Built-in lawn and landscaping area includes built-in topiaries and double walkways back to a generous patio and inground animated pool that seats 8 with 5 animations per seat.

Two front entrances lead to the kitchen (complete with built-in kitchen island with decorative sink, countertops and decorative refrigerator) and a sunken living room with fireplace and recessed nook for your flat screen TV (not included).  The front tower encases a dramatically-lit staircase with glowing built-in pop art images in coordinating neon colors.

The living room transitions into a bar area with built-in couch (seats 1) and tintable pillows that hosts a second staircase that leads directly into the second floor bedroom. The bar area blends seamlessly with the back patio fireplace and generous inground pool, that glows with a soft teal light for perfect swimming sessions under the stars.

At only 236 prims, you have fantastic decorating options available – a picture-perfect backdrop for your own modern furniture, or get started with the included Zuma Hills Couch & Chairs, Planters, Outdoor Stools and Barstool! Furniture is also available separately exclusively at Culture Shock – pick up the Couch & Chairs and the Outdoor Stools at Culture Shock and 50% of the sales price will be donated to Doctors Without Borders!

zuma-hills-prefab-sales-L2000 zuma-hills-outdoor-stools-L200 zuma-hills-planters-L100 zuma-hills-barstool-L100 zuma-hills-couch-and-chair-L250 zuma-hills-promo-09-back-view-day zuma-hills-promo-07-pool-day zuma-hills-promo-08-living-room-night

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