Vintage Bathroom pieces – fun and functional for FaMESHed March 2013

FaMESHed for March has arrived – spruce up your bathroom with fresh spring pastels and fun animations with our new Vintage Bathtub, Vintage Sink and Vintage Vanity – all at FaMESHed during this month’s cycle! Our Vintage Vanity features working props and matching animations – lipstick, blusher brush, nail polish and hairbrush – available through the animation menu or as automatic temporary attachments for you and your guests. Plus, pick your favorite chair cushion fabric from 6 coordinating options! Check them out in person at FaMESHed throughout March!

vintage-vanity-blue-L500 vintage-vanity-brown-L500 vintage-vanity-purple-L500 vintage-vanity-white-L500



The Vintage Bathtub comes in 4 unique finishes, and features PG or Adult rated versions and working faucets – just click to fill and empty the tub!

vintage-bathtub-brass-Adult-L950 vintage-bathtub-brass-PG-L425 vintage-bathtub-ceramic-blue-Adult-L950 vintage-bathtub-ceramic-blue-PG-L425 vintage-bathtub-ceramic-purple-Adult-L950 vintage-bathtub-ceramic-purple-PG-L425 vintage-bathtub-metal-Adult-L950 vintage-bathtub-metal-PG-L425



The Vintage Sink works great in a country kitchen too! Two avatars can wash their hands or face at the same time – just click the faucet handles to turn the water stream on and off!


vintage-sink-blue-wood-L400 vintage-sink-brown-wood-L400

vintage-sink-purple-wood-L400 vintage-sink-white-wood-L400



Last but not least – our Rope Mirrors are a unique look, great for vintage or country decor. Mesh detailing makes these pieces look fantastic from any angle!