The Godswood Garden Skybox – new for FaMESHed June 2012!

Steal away to your personal forest refuge – a mirror-still pond at the edge of an ancient and mystical godswood tree, surrounded by a private woodland skydome – our new Godswood Garden Skybox!

This 27m diameter forest clearing features a mirror-effect pond in the center with a majestic white godswood tree towering above. The surrounding stone wall fence features small firepits along the top glowing with crackling light to keep out the gloom of the woods. The surrounding skysphere forest is scripted to fade in and out of view on touch to allow easy flight access – modify the notecard inside to add allowed users or set to group membership.

At 101 prims including skybox, this skybox is lightweight and perfect for any arboreal photo backdrop. As a private garden or intimate getaway, it can’t be beat!

The Godswood Garden Skybox is available exclusively at this month’s round of FaMESHed starting June 1st – see you there!

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Trompe-Loeil---The-Godswood-Garden-promo-04-large the-godswood-garden-skydome-L450 Trompe-Loeil---The-Godswood-Garden-promo-01-large Trompe-Loeil---The-Godswood-Garden-promo-02-large Trompe-Loeil---The-Godswood-Garden-promo-03-large


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