NYC66 Skybox for June Collabor88!

Calling all “Mad Men” fans – we’ve lovingly recreated the amazing Manhattan home of Don and Megan Draper in a stupendous baked mesh skybox, exclusively for this month’s Collabor88 session!

This semi-furnished skybox comes with custom baked and animated couch, chair, stools, barstools and dining table/chairs, and a midnight view of the city outside of your patio doors. This realistically-sized build also features a generous bedroom with lockable double doors and full kitchen (not animated). All lighting effects are baked in, so no intensive graphic settings are needed for a fabulous look!

We’ve included 9 scripted picture frames scattered throughout the build that accept your photos – personalize your space in a snap!

For the month of June the NYC66 Skybox is available at an amazing Collabor88 price of only $L588 – so stop in and check out the display today!

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NYC66-promo-07-large NYC66-skybox-sales-image NYC66-promo-01-large NYC66-promo-02-large NYC66-promo-03-large NYC66-promo-04-large NYC66-promo-05-large NYC66-promo-06-large