The Enfield Living Room Collection for FaMESHed April

The Enfield Living Room Collection for FaMESHed April

Throw open the windows and let in the spring air – and freshen up your look with on-point pinstripes, stylish neutrals, and classic tufted tailoring, in Trompe Loeil’s new Enfield Living Room Set, only at FaMESHed for April!

Trompe Loeil - Enfield Living Room Set

The Enfield set is centered around the matching Chair and Couch – both have multiple models (pillows and blankets), 11 pinstriped fabric colors, 11 pillow/blanket fabrics, and your choice of PG or Adult animations. Timeless pieces that make a refined statement in any room!

enfield chairs Adult sales L600 enfield chairs PG sales L395 enfield couches Adult sales L650 enfield couches PG sales L415

Our Enfield Trunks are worn, attractive and functional – the Open version has a texture-change draped blanket and stacked books inside, and the Closed version has a folded copy of the same texture-change blanket plus fun PG single animations for use as an extra seat! We’ve included both, each with two graphics.

enfield trunks sales L250

Embossed leathertop tables are next on the list – we’ve included three shapes and sizes for any corner of any room. Made with materials for a realistic look under changing lighting conditions!

enfield tables sales L175

Need a light to read by? The Enfield Lamp has a retro apothecary style and working on/off hardware lighting for a perfect glow.

enfield lamp sales L125

Add our Enfield Wall Art for a finishing touch. Framed and ready to be hung, we’ve included three gorgeous oil paintings and three wood collages for mixing and matching.

enfield wall art sales L75

Love it all? Get it at a discount – the Enfield Living Room Sets include every piece shown, at a savings!

enfield living room set L1200 enfield living room set L1600