The Baybrooke Bedroom Collection for FaMESHed September

The first of the month is always FaMESHed – welcome in autumn with a fresh, materials-enabled, French country style bedroom suite for grownups and kids!

baybrooke promo image


The Baybrooke Bedroom Collection features your choice of three wood finishes – cream, brown or gray – and showcases a comfy Queen size bed with lots of pillows and 20 fabric options for each pillow, blanket and mattress. Pick your favorite maturity level for the animations, PG or Adult. We’ve also scaled down the bed and made an adorable Twin size bed just for kids, with special textures and animations of their very own! You can pick the beds up individually, or as part of the Baybrooke Suite packages – go for PG, Adult, Kids, or the Family pack which includes both the Queen PG and the Twin Kids bed, plus every other coordinating piece of the collection.

baybrooke bedroom suite brown Adult L2400 baybrooke bedroom suite brown PG L1400 baybrooke bedroom suite cream Adult L2400 baybrooke bedroom suite cream PG L1400 baybrooke bedroom suite gray Adult L2400 baybrooke bedroom suite gray PG L1400 baybrooke family suite brown L1600 baybrooke family suite cream L1600 baybrooke family suite gray L1600 baybrooke kids suite brown L1100 baybrooke kids suite cream L1100 baybrooke kids suite gray L1100 baybrooke queen bed brown adult L1650 baybrooke queen bed brown PG L650 baybrooke queen bed cream adult L1650 baybrooke queen bed cream PG L650 baybrooke queen bed gray adult L1650 baybrooke queen bed gray PG L650 baybrooke twin bed kids brown L400 baybrooke twin bed kids cream L400 baybrooke twin bed kids gray L400

To round out the Baybrooke style we have dressers with working doors and drawers, a hutch with plenty of open shelving and two working drawers, adorable Bird Lamps with birdcage bases, two tables (a larger fancy style and a small round endtable), and framed prints for your walls. All of which are available individually in each of the three wood finishes, as well as part of the many Suite packs!

baybrooke bird lamps L175 baybrooke cabinet brown L200 baybrooke cabinet cream L200 baybrooke cabinet gray L200 baybrooke fancy table brown L200 baybrooke fancy table cream L200 baybrooke fancy table gray L200 baybrooke framed prints L75 baybrooke hutch brown L250 baybrooke hutch cream L250 baybrooke hutch gray L250 baybrooke round endtable brown L125 baybrooke round endtable cream L125 baybrooke round endtable gray L125

Head over to FaMESHed during September and try out the displays in person and grab your favorite items, then curl up and watch the leaves turn!