Modern Mountain Cabin and Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit for Collabor88 September

The 8th of September is absolutely autumn – stop by Collabor88 and celebrate the changing seasons with two of our nicest materials-enabled items yet!

dardon stone fireplace patio kit sales L188


dardon stone fireplace patio kit promo 01

The Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit is a six piece, materials-enabled set that allows you to easily craft lovely patio settings with ease. We’ve included a Fireplace with touchable on/off fire/lighting/smoke, Fountain and Nook pieces that fit perfectly beside the Fireplace, a detailed low Wall piece, Endcap piece to finish off corners and wall sections, and a 10m Patio stone you can resize and use as a matching foundation for your masterpiece. Only $L188 for September at Collabor88!

modern mountain cabin promo 01

Don’t forget our monthly prefab! The Modern Mountain Cabin is a three room getaway, materials enabled, with included modern fireplace, privacy windows, our *home control system, porch light, and tons of style. Only 41 land impact! Check out the walkthrough display at Collabor88 today!

modern mountain cabin promo 02 modern mountain cabin promo 04