Mendoza Beds and Cabinets – new for Around The World

Around The World opens today and its a beautiful themed shopping event featuring styles from across the globe! Trompe Loeil is sponsoring the South American area and we have a new bed with tons of scripted texture options to make your decorating so much easier: the Mendoza Bed!

Pick your favorite frame – black, silver, or brass – and your favorite fabric style, either natural Aguayo or luxurious Satin. Each bed is scripted with a menu-driven texture change option so you can mix and match colors on the square pillows, round pillow, mattress, and top and bottom of the blanket for a unique look. Available in PG and Adult versions, and only 16 prims!

(Teleport to Around The World!)

mendoza-bed-aguayo-brass-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-aguayo-silver-Adult-L1800 mendoza-bed-aguayo-silver-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-satin-black-Adult-L1800 mendoza-bed-satin-black-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-satin-brass-Adult-L1800 mendoza-bed-satin-brass-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-satin-silver-Adult-L1800 mendoza-bed-aguayo-black-Adult-L1800 mendoza-bed-satin-silver-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-aguayo-black-PG-L650 mendoza-bed-aguayo-brass-Adult-L1800


We also have new Mendoza Cabinets in 9 different colors – click the doors to open and close. A great stylish accessory piece.

mendoza-cabinet-black-L250 mendoza-cabinet-blue-L250 mendoza-cabinet-white-L250 mendoza-cabinet-brown-L250 mendoza-cabinet-green-L250 mendoza-cabinet-navy-L250 mendoza-cabinet-pink-L250 mendoza-cabinet-red-L250 mendoza-cabinet-teal-L250