Barrel Baths in PG and Adult for Collabor88 November 2012

November’s theme continues with our new Barrel Baths in PG and Adult versions, exclusively for this month’s Collabor88 session!

barrel-bath-adult-white-L288 barrel-bath-PG-rustic-L188 barrel-bath-PG-white-L188 barrel-bath-adult-rustic-L288

These luxurious outdoor baths feature optional matching elevated bases with stairs and semi-walls with windowframes, covered in colorful autumn ivy. Use the included self-installer boxes to easily set up your bath and base, or use either element separately in your decorating – the bath works wonderfully as a chic and unique indoor bathtub solution, and the base is so flexible for establishing outdoor spaces for lounging or dining.

Our Rustic option matches our popular Rustic Pavillion and our newly released Barrel Beds at FaMESHed, and the White option matches the White and Silver Barrel Beds at FaMESHed.

Owner-only touch of the handles causes the handles to turn and the bath to fill slowly with water, complete with sound effects and particle effects. Grab a friend, jump in, and when you’re done, touch the handle again to drain the tub!

The PG version includes 12 animations (6 solo and 6 couples synced animations) and the Adult version adds on an additional 2 single and 7 couples erotic animations for a total of 21 animation options. As always, the AvSitter system allows you to make and save adjustments to any pose with any partner for a perfect fit every time.

The Barrel Baths are available only at Collabor88 for the month of November, and at fabulous discounted Collabor88 prices – only $L188 for the PG version and $L288 for the Adult version – so stop in soon and grab your favorite!