Handdrawn Sky Island for Spruce Up Your Space weekend!

We took to the skies this month for Spruce Up Your Space, and we hope you’ll love the results!

The Sky Island is full mesh with 100% handdrawn textures, finished with a subtle bake to capture the reflected colors of the included animated skysphere. Created with detailed physics, feel free to walk just about anywhere and utilize each area – the animated pools with two particle waterfalls spilling off into the void, or several grassy nooks perfect for adding your own seating or animations. Makes a great self-contained photo backdrop as well!

The footprint of the Sky Island is 40m x 40m – the footprint of the surrounding skysphere is 64m by 64m.

Included is an animated skysphere crafted in the same handdrawn style, with slowly moving clouds adding to the detail. The skysphere is great for placement in the air, but the Sky Island also looks great as a water build – or use several to fill out a larger water region and attach your own preferred bridges if you wish. Lots of possibilities, and goes great with any surrounding landscaping!

The Sky Island goes on sale inworld on Saturday, March 24 for the Spruce Up Your Space weekend at the great introductory price of $L100 – stop in at Trompe Loeil and grab yours before Monday!


sky-island-ad-03-800w sky-island-sales-box-512-L250 sky-island-ad-01-800w sky-island-ad-02-800w