Advent Calendar FAQ

Instructions for the 2021 Advent Calendar

The new, non-gacha version of our Advent Calendar works slightly differently than in previous years. Keys and Prizes are now copy-enabled and no transfer. This means that you must purchase the Calendar and all Keys in the Fatpack, or you can get a free copy of the Calendar and find the Keys for free during December’s Hunt at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore regions. This also means that you can rez and use as many copies of the Prizes as you wish!

The Advent Calendar itself functions as usual. Rez the 2021 Calendar on your land, and make sure scripts are set to run on your parcel. Then, rez each Key beside the Calendar – the Key must be rezzed, not worn or attached to your avatar. The Key will unlock the corresponding number on the Calendar, and you will be offered the Prize inside! You must click Accept when the Prize is offered in order to receive the Prize in your inventory.

Once a Key is used on a Calendar, the name will change to “USED” and the Key will no longer work to unlock Prizes. However, since the Keys and Calendar are both copy-enabled, you can rez fresh copies of both Key and Calendar at any point if you want to start the unlocking process again. You can leave out used Keys for decoration if you wish.

Once all 12 Keys have unlocked the numbers on the Calendar, the Calendar will light up in its completed form.

The 2021 Advent Calendar Fatpack includes the following:

  • All 12 Keys (copy-enabled)
  • Calendar (copy-enabled)
  • Completed Calendar (for decor purposes only; will not work with Keys)
  • All 12 Prizes (mod/copy/no transfer)


Hunt Instructions

For the month of December, Trompe Loeil is offering you a way to get all 12 Keys and the Prizes inside for free! The Advent Hunt will take you around both regions (Hyde Park and Trompe Loeil) of the Trompe Loeil Mainstore to find gift boxes that contain the 2021 Advent Calendar Keys. Find all 12 gift boxes to get all 12 Keys and unlock all 12 Prizes!

  1. Grab a free 2021 Advent Calendar from outside the Mainstore entry. (This will only be given away during the month of December – after Dec 31, you will have to purchase the Calendar and Keys as part of the Fatpack.)
  2. Start hunting! Look for gift boxes hidden throughout the Hyde Park and Trompe Loeil regions – inside prefab displays, under landscaping, inside the Mainstore around furniture displays. They could be anywhere, and locations will change randomly throughout the month!
  3. Rez your Calendar on your land, and make sure scripts are set to run on your parcel.
  4. Rez the Key you found next to the Calendar and accept your free Prize! Keys and Calendars are copy-enabled, so you can rez as many copies of both as you like.

The Hunt starts December 1 and runs through December 31, 2021. On January 1, the Hunt ends, the gift boxes will be picked up, and the only way to get Keys will be to purchase the Fatpack.