Advent Calendar FAQ

Each December, Trompe Loeil releases a new Advent Calendar in conjunction with The Arcade Gatcha event. After the event, these calendars and gatcha machines are available in our Mainstore.

Please note: we cannot give support for any transfer-enabled gacha prizes or Calendars that are sold by anyone besides Trompe Loeil. You must contact the person you purchased it from for support. Resellers must provide support for the products they sell.


To use the Advent Calendar, you will need:
~ a copy of the [current year] Calendar, and,
~ at least 1 UNUSED [current year] Key.

Keys are purchased from the Gatcha machine for $L25 each. There are 12 keys in all.

Rez the [current year] Calendar (most likely at your home location for safe keeping – make sure scripts are set to run on your parcel!). Then, rez your [current year] Key next to the Calendar. (You must REZ the key – it cannot be attached to your avatar.) The corresponding numbered window on the Calendar will open, a portion of the build will light up, and you will be given a surprise gift!

Make sure you don’t decline the gift! You only get it once per Calendar/Key combination!

Once a key has lit a gem on the Calendar, it is USED and the name and description on the Key change to reflect this status. The key can be traded, but cannot be used to light a window and will not give a gift.

You can still trade extra Keys! If you have extra Keys you want to trade, just make sure they remain unrezzed and in your Inventory. If you’ve already used Key #7 (for example) and you rez another Key #7 next to an Advent Calendar with Gem #7 already lit, your second Key #7 will NOT switch to “used” status – you can pick it back up and trade it, or use it on a new [current year] Advent Calendar if you want another copy of the gift inside that gem.

Do NOT trade or accept Keys that say “USED” in the name of the Key! These Keys will not work on new Advent Calendars!

Keys and Calendar year must match! A 2012 Key will not work on a 2016 Calendar. Check the year in the Calendar and the Key names.

You can leave the USED Keys rezzed for decoration if you wish.

If you rez a Key that corresponds to a door that is already open, the Key will NOT change to USED status and will NOT give a gift. You can pick up a new additional Calendar for free and use the Key on the second Calendar if you’d like to get a second copy of the corresponding gift.



Q: I rezzed my Key next to the Calendar and I did not get a prize.

A: Check to make sure that you have not already used the same number Key on that specific Calendar. For example, if you have already used Key #5 on your Calendar, rezzing another Key #5 will not work. You can pick up as many additional Calendars as you need to get duplicate prizes, or trade/sell your extra Keys.

Also, check to make sure that the Key is from the same year as the Calendar. The years in both the Key name and the Calendar name need to match. You can pick up Calendars and Keys from previous years at the Trompe Loeil Mainstore.

Finally, make sure the Key does not say “USED” in the name. If it does, then it has already been used on a Calendar and cannot be used again.

Q: I purchased a Key from another person and it doesn’t work.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide customer service for gatcha items that are not purchased directly from us. Any number of changes or alterations could have been made to the item that we cannot control. While we do not discourage reselling of transferrable Gatcha items, it is a buyer-beware situation.