Upcoming update to the inworld Loyalty Program

For the last 14 years, Trompe Loeil has offered an inworld purchase loyalty program of an instant, set percentage, cash-back discount depending on the total lifetime amount spent with us. Over that time, our prices on our prefab homes and furniture have remained the same, and we will continue to provide great artistic content at the same price points we’re known for into the future.

However, given the substantial economic inflation since we first began, we have been looking for a solution that will allow us to keep these prices stable, without also falling behind the inflationary curve. With that in mind, we will be introducing a change to our inworld Loyalty Program beginning March 1, 2024, converting it from an instant cash-back discount format to an accumulating store credit format.

What this means for Trompe Loeil customers: after March 1, when you make a purchase inworld at a Trompe Loeil vendor, your purchase amount will still be added to your total lifetime amount spent, which will qualify you for a loyalty reward on every inworld purchase you make at at Trompe Loeil vendor once you reach the following tiers:

– $L5000 / 10% discount

– $L10000 / 15% discount

– $L 25000 / 20% discount

– $L40000 / 25% discount

Currently this discount is provided in the form of an immediate refund. After March 1, this discount will be provided in the form of store credit, which is stored in the Caspervend system and is available for you to use at any point, in full or as part of a partial form of payment along with $L and Gift Cards. You can choose to use this accumulating store credit as quickly as your very next purchase, or save it and watch your store credit grow with each purchase. Additionally, you can use this store credit on sale vendors, Superfans Specials vendors, and event vendors outside of the Trompe Loeil Mainstore regions. When you make a purchase, you will be informed by the vendor what your current discount tier is, how much more you have to spend until the next tier, and how much you have accumulated in store credit.

Your current discount tier will not be reset, and neither will your lifetime purchase total.

Because this is a substantial change to the Loyalty Program, and to reflect how many of our customers have been shopping with us for so many years, we will be adding additional tiers to the Loyalty Program on March 1 as well:

– $L75000 / 35% discount

– $L100,000 / 50% discount


We’d like to thank every one of our customers and fans who have been with us and supported us through so many years, and we want to do our best to keep your virtual world beautiful for many, many more years to come!