Product FAQ

Q) Are Trompe Loeil products original mesh?

A) Yes! We handcraft each and every product under the Trompe Loeil brand from scratch – no templates, no purchased models from other 3D sites. Any secondary resources, such as textures or animations, were either made from scratch, designed via purchased software designed for such creations, or legally purchased for use in commercial projects. When you buy a Trompe Loeil product, you are supporting original artists that create their items start to finish just for the Second Life™ grid.

Q) What permissions are Trompe Loeil products? Can they be gifted? Do you support customer modification of Trompe Loeil products?

A) Almost all Trompe Loeil products, including prefabs and skyboxes, are mod/copy/no transfer. This is to give the customer the greatest amount of freedom to modify or adjust a Trompe Loeil product to fit their needs. If you wish to give a Trompe Loeil product as a gift, you can do so by clicking the “Gift” button on any Trompe Loeil vendor, or purchasing/gifting the product on the Marketplace. We also offer transferrable Gift Cards in our Mainstore which are perfect for gifting.

Support for mod/copy/no trans products includes promptly correcting any errors found in the “out of the box” condition of the product. Unfortunately, we cannot support correction of or implementation of personalized modifications on behalf of the owner.

Q) Can I purchase a texture you’ve used on your products?

A) We do not offer textures for sale or resale, due to the various sources and restrictions on redistributing textures purchased separately for use in our products.

Q) Can I trade in my transfer item for a mod/copy version?

A) Gatcha prizes are transfer-enabled and we price our Gatcha plays accordingly to this expectation. Due to this fact, and the third-party sales market for transferable items that we cannot control, we do not offer mod/copy trade-ins for transfer-enabled Gatcha items.

Q) What is your return policy?

A) Any Trompe Loeil product which is set to mod/copy/no trans – the vast majority of our product line, including all prefabs and skyboxes – is unfortunately non-refundable due to the Second Life permissions system preventing transferring these items back to their original creator. If there are serious unforeseen problems with the purchased product, please contact Cory Edo with details and we will work with you to find a solution that satisfies you!

Q) I lost/accidentally deleted my copy-enabled purchase. Can I get a new one?

A) Yes! You can have your purchase re-delivered by using the Redelivery Terminal at the Trompe Loeil main store (at the welcome desk), or drop a notecard to Cory Edo with your purchase information for a personal re-delivery.