Xandra Living Room Set for Uber July

Xandra Living Room Set for Uber July

Street style to us means modern with a classic flair, at home in the studio loft apartment or the executive office – grab this style in 8 versatile leather colors with the new Xandra Living Room Set, exclusively at Uber July!

Trompe Loeil - Xandra Living Room Set for Uber July 2 Trompe Loeil - Xandra Living Room Set for Uber July


The Xandra Couch includes plain and blanketed versions, with 8 leather colors and 20 blanket patterns available on touch. Seats 3 individuals or a set of 2 in couples poses, choose from PG or Adult maturities with tons of great animations!

xandra couch Adult L650 xandra couch PG L400

The matching Xandra Chair also includes plain and blanketed versions, seats 1 or a pair for couples poses. Matching leather and blanket options as well!

xandra chair Adult L495 xandra chair PG L275

The Xandra Coffee Table includes two models – empty, and with book stack, magazine, and pillow props – with 9 leather top options and 8 pillow fabric duo options for the stored pillows.

xandra coffee table L200

Light up the living room with the Xandra Floor Lamp! This industrial-style lamp features old world styling and on/off hardware lighting and glow.

xandra floor lamp L125

Finally, finish the look with our Classic Newsprint Wall Art – three framed front pages from early 1900s newspapers showcasing architectural icons of New York City.

classic newsprint wall art L75

Love it all? Get it at a discount! Our Xandra Living Room Sets in PG or Adult maturities are available in convenient set packs – save vs purchasing each element separately!

xandra living room set Adult L1300 xandra living room set PG L950