Vintage Fair 2012 – NEW Vintage Prefab Small/Medium Stores & Hanging Signs!

Vintage Fair is open and Trompe Loeil is proud to be a 2012 sponsor – we’ve created the Vintage Fair mesh storefronts this year, and our first round is now available for you to purchase for your own brand!

We have so many Vintage Prefab stores and accessories, we’re doing a staggered release schedule throughout the length of this year’s Vintage Fair…but to start, check out our Small and Medium size models, and matching Hanging Signs! Each  Vintage Prefab store size comes in six styles, with six colors for each style – a total of 72 unique choices in this release alone! Each model includes three interior textures (wood floor and grayscale patterened wallpaper, plus blank ceiling) and the interior shells are crafted to allow easy tinting/texturing of just the walls, floor, ceiling, or any combination of the three. Plus, we’ve thrown in a grayscale shadow baked map for the interior shell that you can use to create your own unique interior textures – customize to your heart’s content! As always, these prefab stores are mod/copy for worry-free customization and use. Low prim and ready for your products!

We’re only including a few selected photos of the 72 options available right now – check out this entire release at our Flickr page!

Vintage Hanging Store Signs

Vintage Prefab - Small A Alt 1

Vintage Prefab - Small A Alt 2

Vintage Prefabs - Small B Alt 3

Vintage Prefabs - Medium A Alt 1

Vintage Prefabs - Medium A Alt 2

Vintage Prefabs - Medium B Alt 3

Pick any of the Small or Medium models up today at the 2012 Vintage Fair – and stay tuned for our two Large models and brand new Vintage Displays coming soon!