Trompe Loeil Full Perm is here!

Trompe Loeil Full Perm is here!

After 16 years of creating custom original mesh content, Trompe Loeil is thrilled to announce that we are making select furniture and prefabs available to texture artists and aftermarket creators through our new Trompe Loeil Full Perm label! Our initial launch includes 16 furniture items – we’ve made special improvements with you in mind, including new color coded face assignments, full permission AO and UV Layout maps, and a use license specifically for SL creators to resell your creations! Currently available to view and purchase inworld, and for purchase on the Marketplace. Look for regular Full Perm drops from our furniture and prefab lines coming soon!

Trompe Loeil Full Perm products contain a mesh item in various layouts:

– Face Colors indicates the model has the different faces color coded, but no Ambient Occlusion maps applied.
– Face Colors + AO indicates the model has the faces color coded and the applicable Ambient Occlusion maps applied.
– AO indicates the model has no color coding, but does have the Ambient Occlusion maps applied.

Some products also include variations in the mesh item itself, such as pillows or blankets. In these cases, each model variation is provided in the above layouts.

The following textures are also provided:
– PBR_Ambient Occlusion is the Ambient Occlusion map (shadow map) for the applicable face(s).
– PBR_Diffuse is the face assignment color coding map, used for referencing what parts of the texture map to what parts of the product. Objects without multiple faces will not have this texture included.
– Shadow is the tga used to fake a cast shadow effect from the product on the ground. It is already applied to the Face Colors + AO and AO layouts.
– UV Map is a semi-transparent PNG file that shows the wireframe layout of the UV map for the applicable face(s). The transparency includes the same face assignment color coding as the PBR_Diffuse texture.
– Trompe Loeil Full Perm Face Assignment Reference is a reference image showing the what colors are applied to specific faces.

You must accept our Full Perm License in order to purchase Full Perm products. The license is available inworld at kiosks, through the sales vendors prior to purchase, and on each Marketplace listing.

View and purchase Trompe Loeil Full Perm items inworld!

Purchase Trompe Loeil Full Perm items on the Marketplace!