Thrift Shop Furniture for Collabor88 April

This month for Collabor88, get ready to head down to the thrift shop and pick up some fabulous one-of-a-kind furniture treasures that you won’t find in your local furniture outlet! Start out with our Thrift Shop Accent Chairs, but don’t get dizzy at the huge selection of funky and fun patterns available – 13 in all – grab your favorites individually or save big with the megapack! For the perfect side table, our Thrift Shop Tables come in 5 retro colors and each color set includes a plain or hand-illustrated version for extra style – and you can still save even more with the 5 color pack. Finally, the Thrift Shop Bench is a rustic addition to your porch or outdoor gathering area, with 6 fabric pattern options available for the pillows and cushions via scripted menu – just pick your favorite wood style! Grab all the goodness at crazy Collabor88 prices right now and through all of April!

thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-mabel-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-patsy-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-blue-circles-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-edo-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-green-petals-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-orange-burst-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-tanno-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-tiny-flowers-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-yellow-squares-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-agatha-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-ethel-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-gladys-L88 thrift-shop-accent-chair-aunt-helen-L88




thrift-shop-table-citron-yellow-L88 thrift-shop-table-ecru-white-L88 thrift-shop-table-fiesta-red-L88 thrift-shop-table-surfer-blue-L88 thrift-shop-table-barley-green-L88




thrift-shop-bench-natural-L188 thrift-shop-bench-red-L188 thrift-shop-bench-white-L188 thrift-shop-bench-yellow-L188 thrift-shop-bench-blue-L188 thrift-shop-bench-green-L188