Regarding Gacha Policy Changes

Regarding Gacha Policy Changes

As you may have read, Linden Lab is ceasing to allow gacha as a form of purchase starting on September 1, 2021. If you’ve ever visited our Mainstore inworld, you’ll know that Trompe Loeil has a lot of gacha content from our participation in The Arcade Gacha event, going back to 2011. As part of this event, our famous Advent Calendar Gacha is a big part of the holiday season, and most of our holiday and winter season content is available through these themed gachas. So, we wanted to let you know what to expect with this content going forward.

Existing gachas will be available through August 31 at our Mainstore gacha location inworld. Prices will remain the same ($L25 per play, no rares) and exchange policy will remain the same (we do not exchange no-copy for copy).

On September 1, previous gacha content (excluding Advent Calendar gachas) will be available as mod/copy/no transfer regular purchase items. Pricing changes will be made accordingly and in line with other regular Trompe Loeil content. Gacha content that consists of recolors will be fatpacked, and unique gacha items in a set will either be available separately or fatpacked or both. We will still not exchange no-copy content for copy content.

As far as the Advent Calendar gachas, both past and future, go – we know how many people look forward to our Advent Calendar each year, and its the biggest part of our holiday content push by far. The gacha ban doesn’t really affect how the Advent Calendar itself functions, it only changes how the Keys can be distributed. So, we want to take some time and use this opportunity to make our upcoming 2021 Advent Calendar even more fun, while also making it easier to acquire and use your favorite holiday decor prizes.

Ultimately, how we decide to change the Advent Calendar process could affect how previous Calendars and Keys interact and are used, so we will be removing the free Advent Calendars and the Key gachas after August 31 and instead, you will be able to purchase mod/copy/no transfer versions of the Prizes in yearly Fatpacks (individual Prize purchases will eventually be available). Our goal is to eventually have the previous years Advent Calendars and Keys available for purchase, so customers can still rez Keys to win Prizes and unlock the changes in the Calendar. This will require a substantial amount of permissions changing and testing, so it may take a while for these to be re-released in a non-gacha format.

At this point, we are planning on releasing the 2021 Advent Calendar as a Trompe Loeil Mainstore release exclusive. We’ll keep you updated here and in the inworld Superfans group with details as they’re figured out!

If you have any questions, drop me a line inworld. Thanks to all our fantastic fans for 10 years of gacha fun!