Free Water Normal Maps for custom Windlight water presets

Do you like to experiment with Windlight settings to make your own custom skies and water? Grab our latest free gift on the Marketplace only – 10 free tileable normal maps made exclusively for use in the Windlight presets editor in your viewer!

Trompe Loeil - Water Normal Maps 2014
Create unique custom Windlight Water presets for yourself or your region using these 10 custom, seamless normal maps. From perfectly flat glass (great for photo effects) to peaceful ripples to a windy day, these normal maps are great for creating original system water effects for bloggers, photographers, and region owners.

Requires knowledge of editing Windlight Water presets in your viewer of choice. The official wiki on Windlight settings is a good place to start .
In Firestorm you can more easily find these settings under the Phototools button.

Normal map examples shown in the reference key are the included Water normal maps applied to the otherwise-unchanged Default water setting. You can create a huge range of effects by also adjusting the various Windlight Water preset settings, like color, opacity, refraction, speed, etc in conjunction with these custom normal maps. The possibilities are endless!

Please note – these are normal map textures, not traditional water textures. These are intended for use in the Windlight editor for your viewer – they will not work on their own to create “fake” water for pools, hot tubs, skyboxes, etc.