Enakai Wavebreaker at Collabor88 February

Collabor88 heads to the stars this month, and for the Supernova theme we’ve come up with some modern classics that any fashion-forward decorator needs in their jetpack!

Need a super-stylish, ultramodern home for your new furniture – something that will be the talk of the block? We have you covered – the new Enakai Windbreaker is a home designed for living on the edge of the sand or the edge of the mountain, with a profile borrowed from the curl of the waves.

Enakai Wavebreaker promo 01 Enakai Wavebreaker promo 02

This open floorplan, two story retreat features beautiful coordinating woods and metals and expansive windows on three sides to bring the outdoors in. The ground floor patio is the perfect place for your cookouts or gatherings, while the side stairs lead to a second balcony just outside the main room. Two pairs of double doors give entrance to an intimate, yet posh great room that features both the soaring heights of the arched roof and the cozier nooks underneath the second story loft. Climb up the stairs to the loft and find your perfect retreat for office or bed – including its own private door and balcony along the back! As always, the Enakai Wavebreaker features privacy windows, exterior lighting, locking doors, and our *home control center scripted control system. Footprint is 16m x 21m and only 93 land impact – and we’ve included a larger version for the more statuesque in the package, which comes in at 17m x 23m and 106 land impact. And for the month of February its only $L388!

See the on-site display at Collabor88 today!

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