Darya Dining Collection for FaMESHed May

Its time to dine with FaMESHed! Trompe Loeil’s new Darya Dining Collection provides a flexible dining room solution with a huge selection of coordinating colors and patterns to choose from on the fly.

Darya Dining Collection promo 1 Darya Dining Collection promo 2 Darya Dining Collection promo 3


Start with your favorite color set – Neutral, Spring, or Autumn. Then, grab the Dining Chairs (we include three different models!) with up to 22 texture selections for each via owner-only menu, that mix and match effortlessly – from retro to demure, solids and patterns galore, PG and Adult versions, including Dining animations with fork, knife and spoon props available! Then pick a matching Dining Table (we include with Tablecloth and without) with 24 coordinating colors and patterns, plus included matching plates, flatwear sets (with and without coordinating texture-change Napkins), glasses, and salt/pepper shakers. Set a table for two or sit an entire dinner party – go from elegant to funky in a few clicks!


Darya Dining Chairs Autumn PG L400 Darya Dining Chairs Neutral A L650 Darya Dining Chairs Spring PG L400 Darya Dining Table Autumn L450 Darya Dining Table Neutral L450 Darya Dining Table Spring L450



Finally, don’t forget coordinating Ceiling Lights that include three colors per set, and that turn on and off projection lighting with a touch. The Dining Room Shelf set includes three towel color sets and perfectly offsets the rest of your collection.


Darya Light Autumn L225 Darya Light Neutral L225 Darya Light Spring L225 Darya Shelves L225


Try out the demos in person at FaMESHed today!