Cabinet Beds for FaMESHed December!

Happy Holidays one and all! To kick off this busy shopping month, our FaMESHed offering (which just opened today) is a fun and flexible Cabinet Bed with tons of menu-driven fabric options.

cabinet-bed-morning-light-fabrics-Adult-L1500 cabinet-bed-morning-light-fabrics-PG-L600


The Cabinet Bed includes a removable ladder (not scripted), two removable accessory suitcases, side window shutters that swing open and close at a touch, and 10 fabric options for each of the seven pillows, the mattress and the blanket! Mix and match to create a neat or funky look – its up to you!

The white wall shell can be tinted separately from the wood trim to match any current wallpaper. The PG version includes 40 single and couples animations, while the Adult includes an additional 23 erotic single and couples animations. As always, scripted with AvSitter for a perfect fit with every partner!

Check out the demo at FaMESHed – it’ll be there all month long!