Belasco Modern Cottages, Kitchen, & Snow Add-On for FaMESHed November

Belasco Modern Cottages, Kitchen, & Snow Add-On for FaMESHed November

The cutting edge of modern home design, equally at ease on an urban street or surrounded by nature – the Belasco Modern Cottages, matching Kitchen, and Snow Add-On at FaMESHed’s November round will delight you every time you return!

The Belasco Modern Cottage combines wood, brick, and siding in complementary hues and interweaving depths to create a facade with visual interest from every angle. The front entryway features a double-height decorative fountain and built-in exterior lighting – as you walk in, the lower level living room takes advantage of the soaring ceilings with a skylight and a cut-in full-length fireplace set against natural stone! Click to turn the flames and soft glow on and off. Follow the stairway up to the elevated living area, with 3 private rooms and an open dining/kitchen area with patio access – the coffeewood parquet flooring does double duty as accent walls, creating visual interest alongside the delicately patterned and easily tinted white canvas wallpaper. We include privacy windows, locking doors, and our *home control system to round out the features – plus three different colorway exterior options!

Plus, made exclusively to fit the Belasco Modern Cottage – the Belasco Kitchen is here to elevate your kitchen style to the cutting edge!

The Belasco Kitchen is an L-shaped layout kitchenette (we include mirrored models as well) with an optional backsplash panel in 9 material options, from delicate tilework to natural concrete to honeycomb wood. Pick from butcher block wood or polished concrete countertops – we include both! Plus the oven and cabinetry both feature color change option menus! Working on/off hanging pendant lights, glass shelves, and working sink with water fill effects round out the features – as well as tons of animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities!

Size is 6.5 meters by 5.86 meters by 4.25 meters tall. Land Impact is 22 for both backsplash and no backsplash models.

Don’t forget the matching Snow Add-On and get ready to decorate for the most stylish holiday season yet – only at FaMESHed’s November round!