Beach Bungalow and furniture for Collabor88 May

Its time to hit the beach! Enjoy the sun and surf with this month’s Collabor88 exclusive brand new, red hot deals – our Beach Bungalow, Beachside Cabinets and Hanging Tri-Planters at fantastic savings!

beach bungalow L288


First up, our Beach Bungalow is a cozy getaway in fresh colors, featuring a wraparound deck, gazebo, bedroom, bathroom, privacy windows, locking doors, home control center – and its only 62 prims!  Its bi-level construction works great on sloped plots and seaside properties. Crafted in a single linked object for total ease of placement. Check out the inworld display at Collabor88 – use the teleporter at our kiosk to walk through in person!


beach bungalow promo 02 beach bungalow promo 05



Don’t forget to grab our new Beachside Cabinets and Hanging Tri-Planters too! Crafted in coordinating colors, each individual color of the Cabinets features a plain version and a fun sealife illustrated version. The Hanging Tri-Planters are a surefire conversation piece, great for your plants, flowers, or on its own as a decor object. Each only $L88, or pick up the Megapacks for only $L288 each!

hanging tri-planter orange L88 hanging tri-planter teal L88 hanging tri-planter white L88 hanging tri-planter yellow L88 beachside cabinet blue L88 beachside cabinet natural wood L88 beachside cabinet orange L88 beachside cabinet teal L88 beachside cabinet white L88 beachside cabinet yellow L88 beachside cabinets megapack L288 hanging tri-planter blue L88 hanging tri-planter megapack L288