Yara Treehouse & Hanging Chairs for Collabor88 April

Let the green of springtime surround you – settle into a peaceful nest in the leaves with our new Yara Treehouse and Yara Hanging Chairs for Collabor88 April!

Trompe-Loeil---Yara-Hanging-Chairs-Collabor88-April Trompe-Loeil---Yara-Treehouse-Collabor88-April-01 Trompe-Loeil---Yara-Treehouse-Collabor88-April-02 Trompe-Loeil---Yara-Treehouse-Collabor88-April-03

The Yara Treehouse is a two room open-air design nestled in matching twin trees, connected by a stringlit rope bridge and accessible by ladder (or either of the two balconies). A twinkling rustic getaway for all ages! Plus, our Yara Hanging Chairs look perfect on your patio, deck or by the inside window – we include two maturities, tons of texture options, two chain lengths and both a ring and flat chain end option, and both stringlight and ivy-wrapped models! Check them out only at April’s Collabor88 round!

yara hanging chairs Adult L188 yara hanging chairs PG L88 yara treehouse sales L188