Shelby Creek Lodge & Shelby Couch for FaMESHed September

The brink of autumn requires a treetop view of the changing leaves, a rustic retreat with eternal style in the natural colors of the season – the new Shelby Creek Lodge and Shelby Couch, only for FaMESHed September!

Trompe-Loeil---Shelby-Creek-Lodge-promo-01 Trompe-Loeil---Shelby-Creek-Lodge-promo-02 Trompe-Loeil---Shelby-Creek-Lodge-promo-03 Trompe-Loeil---Shelby-Creek-Lodge-promo-04 Trompe-Loeil---Shelby-Creek-Lodge-promo-05
The Shelby Creek Lodge is a two-story stone and wood post home with both traditional and plate glass floor-to-ceiling windows to take in the scenery. Privacy windows shutter on the bottom and wall on the top in the matching red painted wood boards for a seamless look and tons of variety. External lights, locking door, and our *home control system round out the features. Plus, the Shelby Couch is a midcentury modern treasure that looks at home in a hunting lodge or a downtown apartment – we include 4 leather colors and your choice of maturities. Check out the on-site display at this month’s FaMESHed round!

shelby couch Adult L675 shelby couch PG L425 shelby creek lodge L600