Kenna Cabin, Cot & Woodstove for Collabor88 September

Cool flagstones keep the chill in the air at bay when your forest escape is a cozy cabin with an outdoor fireplace built for entertaining – the new Kenna Cabin, Cot, and Woodstove for Collabor88 September!

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The Kenna Cabin is a single room stone cabin with oversize exterior fireplace, interior fireplace or alcove (your choice), oversized arched windows, privacy feature, exterior lighting, locking door, and our *home control system. Plus, the Kenna Woodstove features always-on projection lighting and 7 color options on touch! We include short and tall stack to fit most structures. Don’t forget the Kenna Cot, a camper’s dream with tons of pillow and blanket texture options, built for two in your choice of maturities! Grab them at great C88 prices during September’s round!

kenna-cabin-l88 kenna-cot-adult-l188 kenna-cot-pg-l88 kenna-woodstove-l88