Dyani Park Ranger Tower & Chair for Uber October

Take in the view the way it was meant to be seen, from mountaintops down through the valleys below – the Dyani Park Ranger Tower at Uber’s October round is your eye in the sky!

trompe-loeil-dyani-park-ranger-tower-and-chairs-promo-01 trompe-loeil-dyani-park-ranger-tower-and-chairs-promo-02 trompe-loeil-dyani-park-ranger-tower-and-chairs-promo-03 trompe-loeil-dyani-park-ranger-tower-and-chairs-promo-04
The Dyani Park Ranger Tower is a two-story build, featuring a ground-level deck and laid-stone windowed courtyard perfect for outdoor entertaining. Climb the stairs to the second floor deck and into the single-room upstairs cottage, lined with windows, perfect for leaf peeping autumn afternoons or star-filled evenings. We include exterior lights, locking door, privacy windows, and our *home control system. Plus, the Dyani Park Ranger Chairs for singles and couples in your choice of maturities are perfectly at home at the campsite, on the porch, or as the rustic accent piece in any room! 5 leather colors on touch are perfect for mixing and matching. Only at October’s Uber round!

dyani-park-ranger-chair-adult-l500 dyani-park-ranger-chair-pg-l375 dyani-park-ranger-tower-sales-l475