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Autumn Cottage, Color Cabinets and Office Chairs for Collabor88 October

Get colorful and cozy with Trompe Loeil’s latest brand-new sale items at this month’s Collabor88! First up is our monthly prefab – this round is the Autumn Cottage, a quirky little 2-room woodland getaway that fits your style perfectly, no matter if your October is […]

Modern Mountain Cabin and Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit for Collabor88 September

The 8th of September is absolutely autumn – stop by Collabor88 and celebrate the changing seasons with two of our nicest materials-enabled items yet!   The Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit is a six piece, materials-enabled set that allows you to easily craft lovely patio […]

Modern Villa for Collabor88’s Second Birthday Celebration

How time flies! The best sale on the grid, Collabor88, turns 2 years old – and to celebrate, not only did Trompe Loeil provide a huge new build to party in with all our C88 friends, we also have our new Modern Villa – featuring […]

Seaside Cottage and Outdoor Rock Showers for Collabor88 July

Its the best day of the month! The 8th is here, which means Collabor88, which means we have brand newness for you at super low C88 prices. Starting off: the Seaside Cottage!   This dual-level, single room cottage works perfectly on land or in the […]

Rustic Cabin FREE Update – Now with Materials!

Have you heard? Materials support has just hit the official SL viewer! To celebrate, we’re sending out a FREE update for our new Rustic Cabin (which is still on sale at Collabor88 for only $L288) – a version that includes custom normal and specular materials […]

Rustic Cabin and Barrel Stools + Table for Collabor88 June

Welcome to the woods for Collabor88 June! For this month’s fantastic sale, Trompe Loeil has yet another brand new mesh cottage – a three room hideaway perfect for your mountain retreat – the Rustic Cabin! Plus as always there’s a walk-through display right on the […]

Beach Bungalow and furniture for Collabor88 May

Its time to hit the beach! Enjoy the sun and surf with this month’s Collabor88 exclusive brand new, red hot deals – our Beach Bungalow, Beachside Cabinets and Hanging Tri-Planters at fantastic savings!   First up, our Beach Bungalow is a cozy getaway in fresh […]

Thrift Shop Furniture for Collabor88 April

This month for Collabor88, get ready to head down to the thrift shop and pick up some fabulous one-of-a-kind furniture treasures that you won’t find in your local furniture outlet! Start out with our Thrift Shop Accent Chairs, but don’t get dizzy at the huge […]

The Treehouse Cottage – updated to v2

Just a quick update for Treehouse Cottage purchasers – the new V2 version is being sent out by the vendor system right now! This version fixes a common problem people were having with rezzing furniture inside the Treehouse. The new V2 version fix should make […]

Jar Chandelier – late for C88 plus Treehouse Cottage update

Its never too late to add a new great deal to Collabor88! The Jar Chandelier has just been listed – it includes two sizes (one for smaller home use and one for the oversized ceiling space of our new Treehouse Cottage) and turns on and […]