Brier Garden Set for Uber March

An instant arboreal classic! Welcome spring’s green leaves and warmer weather with an outdoor escape designed to put you into relaxation mode – the Brier Garden Set at Uber’s March round!

Trompe-Loeil---Brier-Garden-Set-promo-1 Trompe-Loeil---Brier-Garden-Set-promo-2 Trompe-Loeil---Brier-Garden-Set-promo-3 Trompe-Loeil---Brier-Garden-Set-promo-4

The Brier Garden Set includes everything you need for a curated outdoor escape – a stone-walled garden with antique lighting, running stream into a rock-lined pond, spring trees with 8 leaf colors on touch, an ivy-clad garden house, and the Brier Chairs & Table – die cut metal leaf and peacock designs made for couples in your choice of maturities! Everything is available individually or as a discounted set – check out the on-site display at Uber’s March round!

breir garden chairs Adult L625 brier garden and house L500 brier garden chairs PG L475 brier garden house L150 brier garden lamp posts L125 brier garden set Adult L1000 brier garden set PG L800