Amelie Cottage, Swan Chaise, and Snow Add-On for Collabor88 November

By popular demand, a cottage home to match our Amelie Pavilion – a tiny delight in stone and wood, with optional patio for stretching out, and a warm fireplace to take off the chill – our new Amelie Cottage with optional Snow Add-On and matching Amelie Swan Chaise for Collabor88 November!

The Amelie Cottage is a single room stone and wood ultra-rustic cottage with animated effects fireplace, optional patio model, exterior candle lighting, privacy windows, locking door, and our *home control system. Grab the Snow Add-On now with easy scripted placement too! Plus, the matching Amelie Swan Chaise is a luxurious statement piece for any room, with 14 fabric options for frame and cushion, plus animations for singles and couples in your choice of maturities. Only at Collabor88 November!